Retrofit Center

Texas Fluorescents provides all the tools you need to offer your customers a more efficient lighting upgrade resulting in reduced utility bills and improved lighting performance, improved productivity and comfort, possible rebates and tax benefits, and helping to protect the enviroment. The most energy-efficient solution requires the best in fixtures, optics, lamps, ballasts and sensors. Texas Fluorescents has partnered with the best.


 Retrofit — Reuse and Save!

Texas Fluorescents has developed an assortment of retrofit kits to enable you to upgrade lighting in the space with energy savings and performance while reusing the existing fixture. Reusing the existing fixture with Texas Fluorescents well thought out kits will:

  • Update Fixture to reduce energy by as much as 67%
  • Reduce maintenance by using longer life lamps
  • Keep the space clean by not removing the fixture and ceiling tiles
  • Eliminate any plenum entry requirements
  • Make change - out fast and clean- up faster
  • Not require wiring changes

Once you choose the retrofit kit then choose the GE ballast and lamps (order separately) to maximize the savings and performance.