During the last few years Texas Fluorescents has expanded beyond Texas and beyond its core product line.

about picWorld-wide component sourcing and expanded fabrication capabilities has enabled them to develop a wide range of specification grade products that historically were only available to the largest companies with significant tooling investments. Now Texas Fluorescents not only provides great quality products but can offer them in a range of options with short lead-time at affordable prices.

Founded over forty years ago by Larry Sayah as a fluorescent assembler for the local market, Texas Fluorescents prides itself on its "Yes, We Can" philosophy. Through Sayah's network of supplier's, several experienced in-house lighting engineers, and flexible low cost assembly operation, Texas Fluorescents can provide turnkey solutions for most light commercial projects at the right price. Their product offering includes a comprehensive assortment of residential and commercial fluorescents, an expanding selection of PL fixtures, the most popular HID fixtures and the key recessed, emergency/exit, and lamps to round out a complete project package.

A few years ago, Sayah continued his ability to spot the market trends and go where the business is by focusing new resources on products for lighting retrofits and energy savings. Now Texas Fluorescents has one of the most comprehensive high bay fluorescent lighting and retrofit/reflector kits in the industry. Texas Fluorescents products are being installed by the leading energy service and lighting retrofit companies in the country for large and small companies nationwide.

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Texas Fluorescents continues to grow by focusing where the opportunities are:

Energy Savings via Retrofit Kits and Hi-Bay Fluorescents - Texas Fluorescents has one of the largest assortment of retrofit kits available off-the-shelf or with our enhanced custom capabilities as well as one of the largest assortments of hi-bay fluorescents.

Value Engineering Specified Packages - We are crossing and closing more specified pack ages than ever before as virtually every job is under pressure to meet lower budgets. We continue to add products that are excellent substitutes to today.s most specified fixtures.

Quick Turnaround on "A items and Variants" - Our new Hot Sheet pricing, increased finished goods and component inventories and improved factory efficiencies is enabling our customers to rely on Texas Fluorescents to service their jobs more quickly at competitive pricing.

Stimulus Projects w/ "Made in the USA" - The majority of Texas Fluorescents products meet theMade in USA requirement that many of Stimulus sponsored projects require. Specifically Texas Fluorescents products meet the Buy American Act under section 1605 and meet Level 1, 2 and 3 of the Federal ARRA-Funded Projects. Each product meets Level 1, 2 and 3 of Federal ARRA Funded Projects.