HBG Series - Industrial Fluorescent High Bay Open Frame

Industrial Fluorescent High Bay Open Frame
HBG Series

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More light, fully accessorized and rugged construction makes this the ideal choice for many applications. Premium, full specular reflectors with wide or narrow light distribution with a choice of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 lamps - T8 or T5HO - allows you to achieve the light levels you need. Galvanized code steel construction provides corrosion resistance in the most demanding applications. Access ballast without using tools. Options include whips, cord sets, emergency battery, occupancy sensors and wire guards. Full choice of mounting methods including single or double stem mount, chain or cable mount or direct surface mount.

  • Choice of standard wide reflector (M23) for general area lighting, narrow mirrored reflector (M21) for aisle lighting, enhanced white reflector (W13) for wider distribution and more economical or add uplight (UP) to provide ceiling brightness
  • Heavy duty wire guards, wraps around back of fixture for secure fit and available for all versions making this durable series ideal for gym applications
  • HBG Series is available in 10 light and 12 Light ideal for replacing 1000 Watt metal halide fixtures.
  • Single point mounting with 7HBD accessory makes it easy to replace HID fixtures mounted with a 3/4" pipe.
  • Consult for 2, 3 & 5 light versions.
  • Now UL Listed for LED T8 Lamps.
Item Number Dimensions (LxWxH) Lamping
HBG432M23MV 48" x 14.5" x 3.25" 4-F32T8
HBG632M23MV 48" x 21.5" x 3.25" 6-F32T8
HBG832M23MV 48" x 28.25" x 3.25" 8-F32T8
HBG1032M23MV 48" x 35.3" x 3.25" 10-F32T8
HBG1232M23MV 48" x 42.3" x 3.25" 12-F32T8
HBG454M23MV 48" x 14.5" x 3.25" 4-F54T5HO
HBG654M23MV 48" x 21.5" x 3.25" 6-F54T5HO
HBG854M23MV 48" x 28.25" x 3.25" 8-F54T5HO
HBG1054M23MV 48" x 35.3" x 3.25" 10-F54T5HO
HBG1254M23MV 48" x 42.3" x 3.25" 12-F54T5HO
HBG4WG Wire Guard 4 LT  
HBG6WG Wire Guard 6LT  
HBG8WG Wire Guard 8 LT  
HBG10WG Wire Guard 10 LT  
HBG12WG Wire Guard 12 LT  
7HBC Single Point Mount w/34" Hub