200 - Specification Grade Wraparound

45 Series

The 200 Series combines the desirable characteristics of the traditional wraparound with an extremely low silhouette to provide a specification luminaire for the conservative budget. Engineered to provide comfortable brightness values in the direct glare zone, the 200 Series is available in two, four and eight foot lengths and is an ideal series for schools, stores and offices. The uplight component adds to its attractiveness as well as efficiency. 

2 ft -11.25W x 24.0L x 3.4Dp
2 ft - 15.8W x 24.0L x 3.4DP
4 ft - 11.25W x 48.0L x 3.4Dp
4 ft - 15.8W x 48.0L x 3.4DP
8 ft - 11.25W x 96.0L x 3.4Dp