PUF - Cloud Fixture

45 Series

A puff of light to illuminate the most discriminating office or home. A shallow contemporary opal acrylic diffuser softly and evenly distributes light at comfortable levels. For Dry and Damp Location.

SIZE W x L x H in inches (mm)
1x4: 11.75W x 50.5L x 6.0Dp
2x2: 26.5W x 26.5L x 6.0Dp
2x4: 26.5W x 50.5L x 6.0Dp
248L: 11.0W x 50.5L x 6.0Dp
424L: 17.0W x 26.5L x 6.0Dp
448L: 17.0W x 50.5L x 6.0Dp

CONSTRUCTION All metal parts die formed from heavy gauge cold roll steel housing spot welded to insure uniformity and dimensional stability.