PARA Series - Parabolic Lens Troffer, Grid Mount


Specification grade, parabolic lens troffer provides low glare, light cut-off and visual comfort for all commercial and industrial buildings requiring general illumination with recessed configurations. Black perimeter (reveal) provides "floating" louver facade. Available in static and air return configurations.

2x2: 23.75W x 24.0L x 5.5Dp (600 x 610 x 140)
2x4: 23.75W x 48.0L x 5.5Dp (300 x 1220 x 140)

  • Post Painted Powder Coat Luminaire Finish
  • Aluminum louver - standard is low iridescent semi-specular (satin), also available in full specular (bright) and white finish
  • Louvers hinge from either side, field reversible
  • Access plate to simplify installation