LEDT8IF - For Instant Start Ballasted Fixtures

45 Series

Change your T8 Fluorescent Lamps to LED Lamps simply by changing the lamps, no wiring or socket change.* LED T8 lamps use only 22 watts vesus 32 watts and provide similar actual output with instant on, no icker or buzz and no mercury or UV. Perfect for applications with frequent “on-off” switching cycles

  • • Compatible with Instant Start ballasts eliminating the need for rewiring and allows fixture to maintain original UL and CSA compliance
  • Instant on, no flicker or buzz
  • Fits into existing linear fixtures
  • Over 41% energy savings vs F32T8 electronic instant start systems
  • No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal
  • Emits virtually no UV rays or IR
  • 4 Year limited warranty