LMC - Economical Micro LED CTC

45 Series

Finally, a fresh, modern approach to the old fashioned close-to-ceiling surface mount lights ideal for circulation spaces, living spaces and wet locations. This Contemporary Micro LED Close-To-Ceiling fi xture with a matte white body and a translucent white acrylic diff user mounts simply to a standard 4 inch J-box and is less than 2” deep in a crisp, fl at edged style that provides a sophisticated look. Rethinking Lighting in the LED Revolution allows a large amount of light for general illumination from small unobtrusive sizes that will beautifully blend in to every application, indoor or outdoors. A warm, modern white 3000K color temperature is under 15 watts and illuminates like the output of 50W Par 20 and 75W BR30. Retrofi t to an existing recessed 6” white can with a simple recessed accessory.

These Micro LED Close-to-Ceiling fi xtures are a particularly good solution in wet location applications where normally a much larger and usually simple utilitarian look is used like in outdoor breezeways and shower/bathroom applications. They are also stylish substitutes for recessed downlights especially where ceiling obstructions or codes make a surface mount a good solution. It is ideal for applications that require expensive fi re rated boxes for recessed fi xtures since these mount simply to a surface mounted junction box.