T5050 - LED Tape Light

45 Series

Put light exactly where you need to. This LED Tape Light is the most versatile way to add lighting in many applications. Simply gure out the length you need, calculate the wattage to specify the correct driver and install with simple installation. Each piece is 12 inches long and can be cut every 4 inches and 12 inche sections can be joined together as needed up to 30 ft. T5050L24V LED Tape Light is a colorful way to spice up an area. It comes in 3 beautiful colors: warm white, natural and white. Use T5050L24V to add some pizazz to restaurants, bars, covers, wine racks and areas needing some colorful fun.

• Coves
• Backlighting and Edge-Lighting
• Architectural
• Restaurants and Bars
• Home Theaters and Game Rooms
• Wine Racks