ECL - Eclipse Surface Mount

45 Series

Almost 30 years ago the PUFF (Cloud) re-energized the surface fluorescent business. Today Eclipse LP will do the same utilizing new LED, driver and plastic technology developed since the PUFF was introduced.

 SIZE W x L x H in inches (mm)
⯑ 9.5W x 25.75L x 4.5Dp (2f⯑
⯑ 9.5W x 51.25L x 4.5Dp (ft⯑
⯑ 16.5W x 25.75L x 5.0Dp (2ft.)⯑
⯑ 16.5W x 51.25L x 5.0Dp (4ft.)

Designed especially for the LED, electronic driver and today's interiors, this low profile softly rounded silhouette will eclipse the competition.