SSSTR / SSSTS - Wall Mount Rectangular or Half Moon Profile

45 Series

Our popular SSSTS/SSSTR series linear LED fixtures is now available with integral ultrasonic occupancy sensor to sense motion within a space and automatically turns on lights even when the sensor has no direct line of sight to occupants. After the area is vacated and the time delay has elapsed, the sensors automatically turn the lights off. Ultrasonic detection operates by transmitting sound waves throughout an area and measuring the speed at which they return. Movement increasaes the return frequency, which triggers occupancy. Texas Fluorescents Ultrasonic smartsensors provide functions for testing, overriding the fixture “ON” and a 72 hour lamp burn-in mode.

The SSSTS/SSSTR series is a specification grade wall mount for “over the bed” applications, and may also be used in bath, stairwells, and office applications. This luminaire carries up to 58 watts. The rectangular and round shape provide a clean, crisp profiles.

SIZE H x W in inches (mm)
3.44H x 4.47W
Available in 24 1/4” and 46 1/4” lengths