HBI -LED High Bay

45 Series

High efficiency LED engineered for premium performance in medium and high ceiling applications ideally suited for warehouses, manufacturing plants, sports facilities and retail spaces. A precision-formed reflector system available in highly reflective mirrored reflector achieve maximum light output for ceilings from 15 feet to 40 feet. The unique arrangement is ideal for wide area lighting to put the light exactly where you need it with less fixtures. Based on ceiling height, these fixtures can replace an HID high bay using half of the wattage. Surface, pendant, chain or stem mounting. Highest quality materials and workmanship.

SIZE W x L x H in inches (mm)
12L - 11.80W x 21.50L x 2.00H
22L - 16.00W x 21.50L x 2.00H
24L - 11.80W x 43.00L x 2.00H